Chemical Peels – Tarzana Cosmetic & Medspa

If beauty is skin deep, nobody reveals it more clearly than Dr. Safvati when administering our popular chemical peel. Noticeable results can be attained after just one treatment, which smoothes the appearance of rough skin, wrinkles and fine lines. The chemical peeling process, as administered at Tarzana Cosmetic Medspa, accelerates skin exfoliation, leading to fresh, healthier looking skin with a more uniform complexion..

Chemical Peels

  • An appropriate peel regimen will be recommended, based on a pre-treatment skin evaluation
  • Provides a successful solution for reducing skin imperfections caused by sun exposure and aging
  • Effective for virtually all skin types
  • Complete treatment can be expected to take approximately 45 minutes, with the actual application requiring only about half that time
  • Some degree of redness may be noticeable until the peeling is complete
  • Chemical peel treatments can be repeated every 4 weeks